GIBSON Barney Kessel Regular - USA 1965/66
GIBSON Barney Kessel Regular - USA 1965/66
This is a Vintage Gibson Barney Kessel Regular and was made at the Kalamazoo Plant, MI, USA! The guitar is equipped with original PAF # Pickups, with a fantastic sound. The pots are original and built in with the original "dust cover" housing, the dust cover for the bridge volume pot is missing. At the bridge pickup the cable was exchanged and has now been rebuilt to its original condition from 1966 with the original "Braid Shield" wire, the right wire for Gibson and vintage-style guitar circuitry!
With a few exceptions, the guitar is in its original condition; the upper strap button was replaced (now back to original), the tailpiece wood cover is missing (not realy needed) and the pickuguard was cut to fit the pickup frame (probably for a better feeling when playing). The truss rod cover is new (original Area59' truss rod cover; correct thickness, shape, bevel and last but not least made of Nitrate!) The case is made in Canada by Guild, but is from thesame aera and the guitar fits perfectly in it.
What is noticeable is the paint on the back of the head, unlike other Barney Kessel guitars, it has no black paint on the back, there is the original red "burst" paint, all original, no repairs!

GIBSON Barney Kessel Regular - USA 1965/66

Artikelnummer: Gibson Barney Kessel Regular
CHF 5'200.00Preis
    • Made in USA 1965/66
    • Barney Kessel Regular
    • orig. PAF# Pickups
    • orig. cherry burst nitrocellulose lacquer finish
    • mahogany neck with bound rosewood fingerboard
    • split parallelogram position markers
    • double-florentine-cutaway
    • body standard maple laminates
    • orig. Kluson tuners
    • Plays well; currently strung with flatwounds
    • very good and periodically correct case from Guild included