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Mooer Noise Killer, Noise reduction pedal 



    The Mooer Noise Killer Noise Gate Pedal is a simple noise gate effect pedal that offers high performance and wide versatility. The Noise Killer is tiny and compact, and will easily fit onto even the busiest pedalboard, whilst still offering dynamic performance. With a choice of either Hard or Soft noise reduction, the Mooer Noise Killer lets you shape the noise gate to suit your own style and preference. The Noise Killer's modes can be easily selected via the the Mode Switch, and the level of noise reduction can be adjusted from -70 to +10dB, by using the Threshold knob. The Mooer Noise Killer allows you to take full control over your sound, by reducing unwanted noise without sacrificing your tone; and it also has True Bypass which preserves the tone by eliminating signal interference when not in use.



      MOOER Noise Killer - Noise Reduction Pedal

      Artikelnummer: ME MNR 1
      CHF 65.00Preis
        • Noise Gate 
        • 2 Modes: Hard - intense noise gating, Soft - soft noise gating 
        • Metal housing 
        • True Bypass 
        • Power: optional 9V DC power supply 
        • Dimensions: 93.5 mm (L) × 42 mm (W) × 52 mm (H) 
        • Weight: 160 g
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