PRS SE Zach Myers, Myers Blue

Signature semi-hollow sonics

Semi-hollow bodies - an ideal middle ground. Have you always loved the traditional look and full sound of hollow body guitars? Have you been put off by the way they feed back at higher gain settings, even at low volume? Featuring an internal solid wooden block in the centre of the body, a semi-hollow guitar like the PRS SE Zach Myers could be what you've been searching for.


The internal block gives the pickups a sturdier mounting point, significantly reducing the sympathetic vibrations that can cause uncontrollable and undesirable feedback in fully hollow models. It also simply takes up space within the guitar, leaving less air to transmit vibrations around inside the body. The result is a pleasing compromise - a broader, more natural guitar sound that's still usable with the gain and volume cranked.


Oozing with clarity

Let your melodies soar. Because the PRS SE Zach Myers is loaded with a pair of fiery humbuckers for players to explore every corner of their tone. Featuring PRS's meticulously designed 245S pickups, all sonic barriers are lifted for you to truly showcase your talent in any musical genre. Dial up the gain for a gritty, textured sound, or perform old-school clean riffs with that vintage sparkle. They're medium output. Which means every note you play will ripple with clarity, no matter how you shape your sound. And you can trust that your sound will skyrocket through the mix.


Play with complete freedom

Gain uninhibited access to every inch of the fretboard. The SE Zach Myers features a single cutaway design, with a sculpted, lower-arm cutaway, allowing you to hit even the very highest notes with ease. You'll never have the difficulty of having to stretch your hand over a clunky body construction to play at the top of the scale. This cutaway design is ideal for allowing you to play creatively without restraint.


Take your instrument anywhere

Keep your instrument protected, wherever you go. The PRS Zach Myers SE includes a SE gig bag at no extra cost to ensure you can always have this amazing guitar with you, no matter where you travel. It makes transport simple, whether you're carrying the instrument on your person, taking it on public transport, or on the tour bus en route to gigs and shows. The padded gig bag will protect your guitar from minor bumps and scrapes, ensuring the beautiful finish always stays pristine.


PRS' signature quality

"Guitar building is an ongoing process of discovery."

This is PRS' mission statement. They strive to make every instrument unique and brilliant in equal measure. It's this ethos that's helped them to establish themselves as one of the leading top-calibre guitar manufacturers in the world.

Since they were founded in 1985, PRS (Paul Reed Smith) guitars have become renowned within the music industry. That's down to their use of the very finest materials, and their ability to give their guitars amazing tonal range and overall sound. This quality has seen musicians such as Mike Oldfield, Carlos Santana, and John Mayer adopt PRS guitars. It's time you experienced why they're held in such high regard.


PRS SE Zach Myers, Myers Blue

CHF 950.00Preis
  • Body

    • Product Code: SEZM3MC
    • Body Wood: Mahogany, Single F-Hole

    Neck and Fingerboard

    • Number of Frets: 22
    • Scale Length: 24.5” 
    • Neck Wood: Mahogany
    • Neck Shape: Wide Fat
    • Fretboard Wood: Rosewood
    • Fretboard Inlay: Birds

    Hardware and Electronics

    • Bridge: PRS Adjustable Stoptail
    • Tuners: Vintage-Style
    • Hardware: Type Nickel
    • Truss Rod Cover: Zach Myers
    • Treble Pickup: 245 "S" 
    • Bass Pickup: 245 "S"
    • Controls: Two Volume and Two Tone Controls with 3-Way Toggle Switch


    • Included Accessories: SE Gig Bag