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Framus FM 50 S


The Japanese master luthier named Hansu Piita Uiruha handcrafted this FM 50 S.

In addition to the solid spruce top, which is almost invisible thanks to a transparent pickguard is protected, Uiruha chose intensely grained ovangkol for the back and sides. The one-piece mahogany neck carries a first-class processed rosewood fingerboard. The strings, held by upgradet bone endpins, pass through an accurately milled saddle. The chrome mechanics are from Gotoh.


Normal signs of wear, good condition.

Including used Hiscox Case!

Framus FM50S - Japan 2003

Artikelnummer: FM50S
CHF 750.00 Standardpreis
CHF 560.00Sale-Preis

    • Modell: FM 50 S
    • Form: Dreadnought
    • Made in Japan by Hansu Piita Uiruha
    • Mensur: 653 (mm)
    • Hals: einteilig, Mahagoni, Palisandergriffbrett
    • Mechaniken: Gotoh, verkapselt, verchromt
    • Decke: Fichte, massiv
    • Korpus: Ovangkol
    • Finish: seidenmatt, natur
    • Steg/Stegeinlage: Palisander, Kunststoff
    • Endpins: Knochen
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