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The LEHO MLUS-146MMB is a sleek and stylish soprano ukulele that is perfect for beginners. Its metal black finish gives it a modern and edgy look, while its high-quality materials ensure a rich and resonant sound. With its compact size and easy-to-play design, the LEHO MLUS-146MMB is the perfect instrument for anyone looking to add some fun and music to their life.

LEHO MLUS-146MMB - Sopran Ukulele, Metal Black

Artikelnummer: LEHO MLUS-146MMB - Sopran Ukulele, Metal
CHF 55.00Preis
    • Bauform : Sopran
    • Decke : laminiert
    • Boden : "Poly Sonic Back" laminiert
    • Zargen : laminiert
    • Griffbrett : laminiert
    • Mensur : 350mm
    • wird ohne Bag geliefert (separat erhältlich auf Anfrage)



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