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The Meinl Classics Custom 12" Trash Stack Cymbal delivers a bright and abrasive sonic character. Utilizing a thin weight and un-lathed brilliant finish, This 12" Trash Stack provides a high pitched tone with a short sustain to achieve a unique bright timbre. With a design that allows Classics Custom cymbals to be heard clearly above the roar of guitars, you don't have to play as hard, lengthening the life of your cymbals and giving you great cymbal sounds in a gorgeous finish. With great stick response from the hats and rides, you can dig in and groove whilst the crashes deliver powerful accents. The Meinl Classics Custom series are an ideal choice for any drummer.

MEINL Classic Custom 12" Trash Stack

Artikelnummer: CC12STK
CHF 189.00Preis
    • Styles: Metal, Rock, Pop, Fusion, Studio
    • Timbre: Bright
    • Character: Bright, Abrasive
    • Pitch: High
    • Volume: Medium
    • Sustain: Short
    • Weight: Thin
    • Finish: Brilliant
    • Material: B10
    • Lathe: None
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