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Fatter than pork, crunchier than pickle. It's time to bring back the dirt. The Way Huge Smalls Pork & Pickle Bass Overdrive & Fuzz is the crossroads where two unmistakable sonic flavours, ignite. Blending the iconic Pork Loin pedal and distinctive Russian Pickle pedal to bring you the birth of the Pork & Pickle. Calling all bassists, this was tailored for your pleasure.


Explore the best of both worlds. And do it with a pedal that preserves your bass's bottom end. Don't put up with what you've got. Secure your signature sound with the Pork & Pickle. No matter your style, this is a pedal that has tonnes of tonal flexibility to play around with. From 70's style overdrive to saturated modern rock, right on through to a truly thunderous bass attack - it won't let you down. And, you get all the classic characteristics of both the Pork Loin pedal and the Russian Pickle pedal too. Explore the Pork Loin's distinctive clean channel, and experience the Russian Pickle's creamy fuzz, and fat, thick bottom end. The ultimate combo is here. And it's not an opportunity to be missed - all your bass-playing prayers have been answered...

Way Huge Smalls Pork & Pickle Bass Overdrive & Fuzz

Artikelnummer: WHE214
CHF 249.00Preis
    • An iconic blend of the Pork Loin OD and the Russian Pickle Fuzz in compact housing
    • Explore smooth, distinctive creamy fuzz tones right on through to gnarly overdrive
    • Specifically tailored to bass players wanting to preserve that thunderous bottom end
    • A Way Huge first - run the Fuzz signal alongside the deliciously sweet clean channel
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